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In our specialized online store, you can find the right reborn doll to buy from our large selection. You can find hyper-realistic dolls in all skin colors: white, black or mixed, as well as Reborn dolls for girls and Reborn dolls for boys. All ages, from 3 months to older Reborn baby dolls, 1 to 3 years. You can find reborn dolls with blond, brown and chestnut hair and different hair types: long or short. Special attention has been paid to the skin of our reborn babies, using soft vinyl or silicone during the manufacturing process, so that the end result is incredibly realistic.

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Reborn Baby Dolls | A doll that looks like a real baby

Repainting is a laborious and manual task that involves several lengthy processes, particularly when it comes to layers of paint and primer. This is the effort required to offer realistic reborn dolls—we strive to include as many details as possible, such as tiny veins, slight blushing, moist lips, small skin folds, fine detailing of nails, and even the implantation of hair and eyebrows. All the realistic reborn dolls in our online store are the result of hard work and patience. Let yourself be enchanted and delve into the world of reborn babies with our unique and lifelike models. You'll love these nearly living children, and once you hold one in your arms, you won't want to let go. Our reborn baby dolls are delivered within 2-3 weeks as they require a lot of preparatory work to transform into a high-quality reborn baby. We deliver all over Australia and to all countries around the world, according to the current delivery charges in each country, ensuring that all lovers and collectors of reborn dolls are satisfied.

Buy a Reborn baby doll that looks real!

We've always been passionate about creative pursuits and were naturally drawn to the charm of reborn art as soon as we discovered it a few years ago. Gradually honing our skills and making discoveries, we refined our craft. Under the spell of this passion, we decided to fully commit by opening a store specialising in reborn dolls. Thus, our Reborn Doll shop was born. We offer Australia's largest selection of affordable reborn dolls. We also deliver worldwide if you're outside Australia. If you're here, it’s because you too are excited about these authentic reproductions and want to buy a reborn child. However, there are many criteria to consider when purchasing a reborn doll. One of the most important decisions when buying a reborn doll is whether you want a reborn girl or boy. This is, of course, a personal preference. Think carefully about it, as it affects the type of clothes you buy and generally how you interact with your reborn child—each reborn doll has its own personality! It’s important to consider how you will use your reborn doll. Some dolls are water-resistant and best suited for your child to play with in the bathtub. Others may not be water-resistant or washable. On the other hand, they are very realistic because they use fine details and high-quality materials. Again, it's about needs and desires. In our online store, you'll surely find a suitable reborn doll for you; you just have to find the right one! It’s also important to buy a reborn doll that is the right size for the intended person. Dolls often have a weight that makes them feel like real children. The child must ensure that the reborn doll is not too heavy. The same applies to size. There’s nothing wrong with giving a large reborn doll to an adult. On the other hand, it seems more reasonable to give a smaller reborn baby doll to a child. A reborn doll that is too large or heavy for a child can be difficult to manage and may cause serious muscle problems. As with all toys, it is important to always adjust according to the child’s age. Obviously, the visual aspect of a reborn doll is the most important criterion for everyone. We Sell High Quality reborn dolls at cheap prices in Australia. We have reborn dolls for sale under 100 dollars as well. It’s very important that the doll feels realistic, so it’s best to choose a silicone reborn doll. This type of realistic and flexible material will make a great impression on your doll. For this reason, the designers of our reborn dolls also use mohair or a soft vinyl called Real Touch silicone for the hair, which creates a peach skin effect that really resembles a child's skin. This formula is soft and velvety, very close to real baby skin. This special material is also durable and easy to clean.

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  • Where to buy Reborn Dolls in Australia ?

    You can purchase stunning, handcrafted reborn dolls right here at , Browse our extensive collection on our website to find the perfect addition to your nursery or a cherished gift for a collector. With our secure online ordering and reliable shipping, buying a premium quality reborn doll in Australia has never been easier.

  • Why do people have Reborn Dolls ?

    People have reborn dolls for various reasons, such as collecting them as a hobby, finding comfort and therapy, fulfilling their nurturing instincts, or simply enjoying the companionship these lifelike dolls provide. Reborn dolls can also be used as teaching tools or to provide a calming presence for Alzheimer's and dementia patients.

  • How to make Reborn Dolls ?

    Making a reborn doll at home is very difficult and time consuming. It requires many materials and great skill in painting and sculpting to make the doll look realistic. Even for experienced reborn artists, each doll takes many hours to complete. If you want a reborn doll, we recommend buying it from our website instead of trying to make one yourself. We sell high quality reborn dolls at affordable prices, much cheaper than what it would cost to buy materials and spend the time making one yourself.